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A ship is safe in harbour, but that's not the purpose it's built for…

Evolution of Risk and Control

Relationship between your role and your personal character : The role of a risk officer, is to identify, mitigate and manage operational risk for the business unit. What is the … Continue reading

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NH 10 movie

NH 10 : ‘National Highway 10’ is a National Highway, in northern India, ┬áthat originates at Delhi and ends at the town of Fazilka in Punjab near the Indo-Pak Border. … Continue reading

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Pochettino and Spurs

I believe, winning a game requires control of the space on the pitch and not just control of the ball. Especially control of space required when the team is in … Continue reading

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Creative Genius Oscar…

Brazilian width helps overcome Croatia in even opening game : 3-1 Key feature of the match, was the frequency of crossing.┬áBrazil usually field inverted wingers cutting inside to shoot, whereas … Continue reading

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Mata in Red and United

In my opinion, this is one of the right decision made by Manchester united this season. From a long term investment perspective, this is one of the intelligent move and … Continue reading

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League of Money

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Football Finance 2013

Interesting Information, nicely put up by Deloitte..

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